About Vedaa Holidays


A unique stone built property, the VEDAA a beautifully appointed boutique hotel situated in the Devgad on white sand beach , the hotel is an un miss able destination for travelers looking for the quintessential Konkan retreat experience.
Whether it’s sound sleep, your favorite dessert or a friendly conversation, our singular philosophy at The VEDAA is to help you rediscover the simple things in life.

What's so out of the ordinary at VEDAA Holiday Resort?

Vedaa Holiday Resort in Devgad (Konkan) is beautiful in itself. The hotel is right on the Devgad beach and as the waves lash the parapets of the open-air restaurant, the drone of the restless Arabian Sea lulls to sleep even the most insomniac. This is one attraction which all the tourists eagerly look forward to. The hotel is surrounded by a pair of palm fringed headlands, and the view from each and every room is one that gives you an entire picture of what Goa is all about. The dolphins splashing around in the water, the fishermen tugging on their nets, and the airplanes taking off from the runway are a few of the things that no other hotel in Devgad can promise.